Hack Your Way To Wellness In The Digital Era

Hack Your Way To Wellness In The Digital Era

In the past two years, the world has felt like a real life episode of Sci-Fi Netflix show, Black Mirror! It’s a little unbelievable how we are *still* battling a virus that refuses to quit and instead reinvents itself?! I mean, Hello Omicron – you were *not* the surprise we wanted from 2022! Anyway, truth is that the name of the game in this present day scenario is digital wellness. We’ve never taken it more seriously than we do now. From eating healthy snacks to getting more exercise – we’ve had to upgrade our daily habits to match the reality of the world as we know it now. In the most non-preachy and doable way, let’s look at some of the things we can realistically do to actually practice digital wellness.


Digital Wellness Tip 1: Escape the App trap!

Err, no you actually don’t need yet another app to shop or play or meditate or remind you to hydrate!

Multiple lockdowns have ensured we are glued to our phones making our digital dependence higher than ever before. It’s not only about downloading way-too-many apps but the aim is to be cognizant of what does and does not deserve our attention and mind space. Delete unimportant apps and turn off notifications for apps that tend to distract you and watch your mood (and day) transform.


Digital Wellness Tip 2: Move Your Body

We know, we know. Le couch is le love!

However, even a basic routine of yoga stretches or a 20-minute brisk walk every day can make a significant difference to your health. It will help with weight loss as well as in improving mental health, which is inextricably linked with movement.


Digital Wellness Tip 3: Snack Correctly

Call us biased, but we think healthy snacking doesn’t have to be boring after all!

Paper Boat’s new range of Trail Mixes, Mixed Nuts, and Peeled Almonds are a heaven-sent solution to your snacking needs. Not to mention a suuuuper healthy one at that.
Choose from a range of flavours like sweet honey glazed nuts to the simple Roasted Classic or tangy Vintage Achari, Chilli Lime and Tikka Masala and you’ll be left spellbound! With Zero Trans Fats, Paper Boat’s healthy snacking range contains NO artificial flavours, preservatives, or GMO’s – just good ol’ medley of nuts, seeds and berries!

PRO TIP: Keep them in your work desk drawer and near your couch – two places where you end up feeling peckish and normally reach out for fried and salted snacks (unless you have superhuman willpower in which case do share your secrets, oh wise one!)


Digital Wellness Tip 4: Read A Book Instead Of Scrolling On Your Phone Before Bed

Remember books? They were kind of cool, right?

We understand the temptation to be entertained before bedtime but studies have shown than the blue light emitted by our devices interferes with our sleep pattern. So it makes absolute sense to keep our phones away a little before bedtime and read a book instead. PS: your sleep cycle and vocabulary will thank you for it.  Not to mention, people who read have major street cred!


Digital Wellness Tip 5: Minimise Your Caffeine Intake

We can’t even espresso what a difference this can make!

Sorry to be the bearer of bad news but too much caffeine isn’t good for you. Add to the fact that we are always online, we run the risk of being over stimulated thus ending up with sleep and digestion issues. Restrict your coffee intake and see the difference it makes to your body and your daily routine.


Digital Wellness Tip 6: Meet Your Friends IRL

Ain’t no ship like a friendship!

No amount of online connection can replace the cocktail of oxytocin, dopamine, and serotonin (feel-good hormones) that get released when you meet your friends In Real Life. You can’t put a price on that feeling so even if takes a bit of extra scheduling (no thank you, pandemic). PS: For friendship brownie points, share some of that Paper Boat healthy snack goodness with them. They’ll be nuts for you! Yes, yes; all puns were indeed intended.

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