5 Home Recipes That Are Getting Lost in Time

5 Home Recipes That Are Getting Lost in Time

Along with sounds of school bells, the sweet smell of summer vacations, the simple memories of the whole family huddling together to watch TV, and an innocence that seems to have faded many moons ago, there are too many things that are getting lost in time. Prime example: our recipes! 

To say that India’s culinary heritage is rich is an absolute understatement. Each state has its own flavour and delicacies and we at Paper Boat are always finding ways to pay homage to them.


Soaked Almonds

Let’s face it, Maa was right about *many* things, one amongst them being the myriad benefits of soaked badam. From healthy and glowing skin to better digestion to better brain health to boost in immunity, we’d be nuts to give them a miss – all puns are indeed intended. Besides, did you know? Soaked almonds are better than dry almonds because the peel of almonds contains tannin, which hinders nutrient absorption. Peeled almonds allows the nuts to release all the nutrients easily. It also might just appeal to your taste buds a lot more (probably something your mother knew best about). You could also opt for the Paper Boat Garlic and Herbs Peeled Almond And Seed Medley, which makes for a seriously mouthwatering evening snack.

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Kashmiri Shufta Kanaguchhi

Called the rich man’s food owing to the exquisite nature of its ingredients, this delicacy native to Kashmir is one that’s too precious to get lost in time. A local dessert, it is served at Kashmiri weddings. This is what culinary dreams are made of. If you are in the mood to have a crunchy dessert or healthy evening snack made with dried nuts and fruit like almonds, walnuts, dried dates along with kesar, rose petals and cinnamon (among many other ingredients) then you should definitely try making this delicacy. You could also use Paper Boat Honey Glazed Nuts to make it. For added feels, put on a traditional Kashmiri phiran and find a fireplace to set the mood while you dig in.

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Who hasn’t had a humble paratha or dal-chawal combo with a big dollop of aam ka achaar and felt their woes wash away like magic. Comfort food at it’s best! Something akin to marmalade, Murabba is a tasty delight with many health benefits like improving heart health and in managing diabetes, Amla Murabba in particular is often recommended as ‘nutritionist food’ to include in your daily diet. So what are you waiting for? Add this childhood delicacy back into your meals pronto! Also, if that chatpata achari flavour is your vibe, do try Paper Boat’s Vintage Achari Trail Mix - a winning combination of nuts, seeds and berries with spicy, sour notes of raw mango will be sure to give your mind and soul a whiff of your childhood home! 


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Phulkari Pulao

When you think of Punjab, how can you not think of the vibrant and colourful design called Phulkari? But did you know its relevance goes beyond the art form and into our favourite place – the kitchen – too? This particular pulao, an aromatic preparation of rice is unique because it’s got a sweet taste, uses an assortment of rice and vegetables, is made in earthen cookware (a handi) using poppy seeds and saffron. Besides, it is said to be made with hand-churned ghee and barely anyone does that anymore. Sigh!  

For now, we’ll just put on our favourite Punjabi music and pretend to be Simran (hello DDLJ fans) running through a gorgeous field in Punjab while actually running to the kitchen because the talk of all this awesome food has made us so hungry! What about you?

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Traditionally made at home during winters, Kanji is a natural juice – a tangy and sweet elixir of health that comes from fermented black gajar, mustard seeds, and mirchi powder and packs a punch! This carrot juice is a probiotic drink and has many health benefits and the recipe can also be made with red carrots and beetroot as an easy substitute. Relive the memories of winter mornings by making Kanji at home for yourself or simply pick up our filled with goodness, preservative-free Paper Boat juice which is available seasonally 

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