Green. Green.

Blue. Red. Red.

The sky, cloudless.

Green. Purple. Yellow.

Orange. Red.

Sunday morning.

School is tomorrow.

So much today to go.

Red. Green.

Yellow. Red.

Peace. Temporarily.

Green on Red.

Above the Post Office.

Aggressive red.

Recalcitrant green.

A bet.

I pick the green.

Guddu thinks red.

Our orange minding its own business.

Good reason to pick the red.

It has the moves.

Drops altitude.


Gains altitude.


The green seems preoccupied.

Almost unmoving.

Uncompromising, perhaps.

The red rises.

Comes down at an angle.

Guddu is excited.

Very excited.

The green drops down a bit.

In free-fall?

Has Guddu won?

He is celebrating.

The green soars suddenly.

Red floats.

It is in the wind.

Towards us briefly but then not.

Probably towards Novelty Cinema.

Someone in Lalbagh will get it.

Guddu owes me an Eclair.

I tug at the string.

Our orange nods to the green.

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