Our Story

Who knew the taste and smell of a mother's love, a father's warmth, and a grandparent's care could be packaged? We've sailed the seas of innocence and brought you flavours of days gone by. Now, we sail onward to a place beyond what was! We have scoured the magnificent mountain ranges of Himalayas and the Western Ghats, the beautiful South-West coast, and even our grannies homes, to bring you nature’s goodness in authentic Indian flavours! The essence of this little Paper Boat remains the same. To find newer horizons filled with wonders and love that betters all of us. We hope to be a small part of the journey to your happy place!

Each flavour has its own story. Our Vintage Achari Medley is inspired by the spicy, tangy zest of granny’s pickles filled in earthenware barnis, and our Smoked Nuts, inspired by the traditions of Indian roasting artistry, are smoked using naturally dried wood chips! And each ingredient is carefully sourced to bring you the best from across the country. Be it honey and pink salt crystals from the mighty Himalayas or the hot and fragrant peppercorns from the winding evergreen Wayanad estates.

Our ingredients are prepared individually - our nuts are slow-roasted to preserve its original flavour & maintain crunchiness, our berries are tossed in beautiful aromatic spices, and then combined to bring the perfect balance of flavours. Our products are made fresh in small batches. And, to top it all off, it contains no artificial flavours, preservatives or trans fat and are non-GMO!

Whether you’re looking for a new breakfast companion, a post-workout crunch, a plus one to your evening chai, or a healthy snack to satiate your hunger cravings (or a flavourful midnight munchie!), we’ve got you covered. So bite into our delish and wholesome goodness, and sail with us. We're ready when you are!